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Where Can I Apply to Be a Game Tester?

Everyone has a dream job that they would love to achieve. For some, (and that includes me) that dream job is testing video games for a large games company.

Fortunately, all of the various companies, including those such as Sony, Sega, and Microsoft, need individuals just like you, to test all of their new and upcoming games.

So, where exactly can you apply to be a video game tester? The advice in this article and in other articles on this site will help you learn where to apply in order to land your dream job.

Join a Video Game Tester Website

If you’re deadly serious about becoming a game tester, you need to take serious action. And the first step involves joining one of the websites available online which allow you to pay a small fee, to stay informed about all of the many video game testing positions that become available.

These websites make it their business to know who is hiring at that specific time and what the requirements are. They also provide you with the information of where to apply for no additional charge. This type of ‘up to date’ service is a real god-send as it will save you a ton of time and wasted energy.

I have personally listed and reviewed the best of these websites for you to make your own mind up as to whether you want to join one.

I recommend you at least take a look as these sites as they do provide an excellent service. My top recommendation is: BecomeAGameTester.

Ask Your Contacts

This is probably more for people who have already had 1 or 2 game testing jobs and are looking for more work. If you have managed to build up a list of contacts in the video game industry, it is a good idea to keep in touch with them and ask them to notify you if an available position comes up.

By doing this, you can ensure that you have first-hand knowledge whenever a position arises, and you can apply to be a game tester for that specific company right away.

Be Pro-Active

A great way to take the application process into your own hands in order to become a game tester is to send queries out yourself.
To begin this process, you must first create a resume and query letter that will grab the attention of the human resources individuals. Try using eye catching phrases, or putting a new twist on your query letter. Getting someone to look at your credentials is only half the battle.

This method can actually be quite successful if your letter arrives around about the same time as a new opening becomes available.

You approach might seem quite bold and will highlight your ambition/determination. This could well lead to an interview. Finding the contact information for the various companies you wish to submit to should be a piece of cake. Most major video game publishers and developers have their contact information readily available on their websites.

All you have to do is located an email or physical address, (a written letter is always better) send your queries out, and see what happens.

Attend Trade Fairs

Video game conventions are another wonderful place where you can apply to be a game tester.

At these events, various companies will often have booths with information about upcoming games available. They also may have sign-up sheets for those interested in testing their new games.

Even if testing applications are not available at a particular booth, it still provides the perfect opportunity to build contacts within the industry. You never know what doors can open just by talking to someone in the inside.

If you have been searching for information on where you can apply to be a game tester, then the information above can provide you with all of the details you need.

Achieving your dream job doesn’t have to be complicated and a few of my insider tips should help you along!

~ Pete Wotton

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7 Responses to “Where Can I Apply to Be a Game Tester?”

  1. Brian Morgan says:

    yes i do not know much about where to become a video game tester but its been a dream of mine, and i love video games and if you could please email me more about where i can go to apply to becom a tester i would appreciate it alot. I especially want to know if there is a office building i can go to or a website you can give me, and if there are any companies you do not need to pay a fee in order to work as a tester. Thank you, and i hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Nick Luckett says:

    I’ve played video games ever since I was a little kid. My dream is to become envolved in the video game industry. I love playing games and Im really interested in becoming a game tester. I was wondering if there is a certain website I could apply to. Iam looking forward to a response. Thank you.

  3. Joe says:

    I LOVE video games and I would play them all day 24-7 if I could, I play any game whatever it is. I also love finding glitches, and bugs in games too. This job would be amazing to get. I’m 18 and getting a job doing that would be an extremely lucky thing to happen. Like seriously….

  4. clint deaux says:

    I love video games. I have been playing them every since they came out with the PS1. I would play them form day and night If you let me. I love them. So just tell me if you know where I can be a video game tester let me know.

  5. adam says:

    i love games and need to know where to go to apply. i am 12 i have a gamecube and a wii separate

  6. Cooper says:

    ive been to a lot of sites and they all want a finders fee. is there a company out there that will allow me to by pass that payment

  7. Ryan Towle says:

    I have spent money on stuff like this before and not even gotten an email. Though I would love to become a game tester, I am afraid that these are all scams. You pay the fee and then the company forgets you are alive. Great scam to prey on kids piggy banks and dreams. If companies like this were so needy for testers that they would offer $120 per hr, then what the hell is the fee all about? Its about taking the money and running because these jobs are not real, unfortunately.

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