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Video Game Tester Jobs – Still In Big Demand

Video Game Tester Jobs

Video game tester jobs are there to be had if you have your heart set on becoming one.

The video game industry is booming my friend. It is a growing, billion dollar industry that shows no sign of slowing down.

And because of its popularity, the industry requires a constant stream of fresh, young employees to sustain the global demand.

But let me make one thing clear.. It ain’t easy to get into this business and you won’t make $100 an hour (probably not ever as a game tester).

Tester jobs are highly sought after by young men and women who love the idea of playing video games for a living. So naturally the demand for these jobs are extremely high and game companies are inundated with job requests, especially in this current economic climate.

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Here’s an example of the type of job you may be asked to do as a video game tester:

A video game is near completion and the developers in conjunction with the programmers require extensive testing of the game to ensure there are no bugs. i.e if a character gets shot, the blood should be red and not blue. Or it might look to be coming out from the wrong place. You get the idea, yea? It’s called ‘attention to detail’ and quite often it’s these small details or glitches that a video game tester will find.

So the game company will call upon a registered game tester (probably one or several they have on file and have used before) and ask them to come in and test a small section of the game. There may be half a dozen testers all testing different stages of the game.

Your job as a tester might be to play that section of the game over and over again. What you’re looking for are the ‘details’, as I’ve already mentioned.

After your 12th run through, you might discover that your character can partially walk through a wall. This would be a bug in the game and you would report it to the programmer.

Anything you think doesn’t look right or feel right as you play the game needs to be noted down and passed to the programmers to correct.

It can be a long painstaking process, but it’s too important and too costly for a games company to roll out a game worldwide, only for it to be recalled because of a major bug that prevents completion of the game.

Game testing jobs are a vital component to the video game industry and a video game tester with a good reputation can expect quite a lot of work and be well rewarded.

~ Pete Wotton

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  1. tim says:

    i am considering on becoming a game tester from home and i was wondering if when i find a glitch or bug am i responsible for fixing it or do i just have to notify the company?

  2. tim says:

    what r my chances of finding a job as a game tester from home?

  3. JAcob says:

    My friend is a game tester he said it was fun

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