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Game Testers Wanted – Why Video Game Companies Are Going Crazy for You

gametestersNowadays, it is not uncommon to see an ad for “Game Testers Wanted.”

The rise in the amount of game testers that are needed is directly tied to the recent growth in the gaming industry.

Not only are new systems and games being developed in the United States, but the gaming market is flourishing in countries all around the world as well.

Despite the recent changes in the economy, the video game industry continues to outdo itself each year, and that is why they need you.

What is the Role of a Video Game Tester?

Video game testers, wanted for both their love of products and for their attention to detail, are needed by game developers and manufacturers in order to ensure the quality of the product before it hits the market. As a tester, it will be your job to not only play the games, but to fill out a variety of forms that are both questionnaires and reports about any bugs or mechanical malfunctions you may find within the product.

Why Hire Testers?

Many people often wonder why gaming companies put out “game testers wanted” ads when they have perfectly good employees already at hand. The answer is simple. These companies need individuals who are completed unbiased, and who can provide feedback that is similar to what regular consumers would say if given the chance to play the game. This gives companies an idea of whether the game needs more work, or if it is ready to hit the market as is.

How Much Do They Pay?

Although you will not break the bank with what you are paid as a video game tester, there is some profit in the position. By hiring testers on an ‘as needed’ basis and paying per job instead of per hour, video game companies are conserving their resources.

They save quite a bit of money when they do this, as opposed to hiring full time employees who may not always have full time work. Broken down into an hourly wage, testers are initially paid around $10-20 per hour while working.

Why Are the Jobs Hard to Find?

It may be possible to come across a “game testers wanted” ad every once in a while, but for the most part these ads are hard to find. Sometimes video game tester jobs do not even become public knowledge before they are filled by others who had contacts within the company.

So why are the jobs hard to find if the gaming companies need testers? They are hard to locate because if they were openly available, the company would be bombarded with millions of queries in a matter of hours.

When video game companies need someone to test their latest product, they will resort to putting up ads that read “game testers wanted“. The truth is, these companies need people like you in order to ensure the quality of their product once it hits the market, and to save them money over hiring full time employees instead of individuals who work only when they are needed.

The secret is to know what companies hire game testers on a regular basis and where to find them.
The good news is there are a few websites that deal specifically with this issue and have an up to date list of games companies who are hiring.

This is the route I recommend you take and the reason I’ve personally reviewed these sites for you.

Check them out at the bottom of the homepage.

For your information, my top pick is BecomeAGameTester and you can read my review here.

~ Pete Wotton

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14 Responses to “Game Testers Wanted – Why Video Game Companies Are Going Crazy for You”

  1. Dylan Ritter says:

    I want in!

  2. rudy says:

    well if some1 could email me about a job i would be happy but untill then i have to jobs that give me less than the average game tester and i still cant make rent im not asking for money just a job

  3. Taurean Russo says:

    Can you send me more information about how to get started? I am at a dead end job that I hate and video games are a great passion of mine. If you are looking for testers currently I would greatly appreciate the possibility to become a part of it. Please get back to me thanks.
    Taurean Russo

  4. john schubert says:

    i have been looking into becoming a video game tester for awhile now and i was wondering if someone could help me out im trying to find out which ones are scams and which ones aren’t if someone could email me some information i would greatly appreciate it

  5. Shawn Morgan says:

    To who it may concern,
    Hello, my name is Shawn B. Morgan & i am an inspired student from Greene County Tech Senior High School in Paragould, Arkansas. I am hoping to get into a wonderful career of game testing. I find it so exhilerating to be able to work at the very thing i love so much! I hope to hear from you soon on any opprotunities at starting my career.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Benjamin Harvey says:

    Dude all I do is play video games I want this oppertunity contact me a/s/a/p I will respond back as soon as I see it.

  7. rudy says:

    hey im back thankfully i made rent 🙂 but im still interested you have my email so if there are any openings you could tell me about i would be thank full other than that im working a new project useing blender 3d if you interested in that contact me at the address above

  8. alex says:

    i think it would be a geat oportunity to be paid to test games especially with this kind of economy this jobs is very good for us who like to play games

  9. chuck says:

    i have a 8 year old who goes through games in a week or so he says he finished this game time for a new one game stop loves us

  10. jose moreno says:

    i want in on gameing jobs ive played video games since i waz 7 im not asking for much just a job tat i kno how to do and help get the companie good ratings and get good games out their for my fellow gamers eamil me at [email address removed] my names jose moreno

  11. DFO Gamers says:

    Being a game tester is actually a pretty dull and hard work. Some of the games you’re testing are really buggy and you have to create very well-thoughtout documentation for the bugs and you have to be able to recreate the bugs as well…

    But I guess if you really like gaming, then it’s a pretty cool job.

  12. john black says:

    I want in really badly

  13. dagoberto luna says:

    the workers who already have a job as a video game tester can simply tell any and everyone where to search for that love job. but they dont just like the companies who are hiring. what´s up with that. and if they say ¨look in the ads.¨ there wating your time. im not a game tester. but one day GOD will shine his light on me. im the man that can go days without stoping playing video games. i play so much that my girl sleeps sitting in the chair next to me. its not that she bored of what i love and have a passion for, its because she knows i love the game world. in other words, if you can finish 5 games in 2-3 days (role playing like assasins creed for example) you belong in the game world like me and every like us.

  14. Romeo says:

    I’ve been thinking and working real hard in becoming a game tester….I’ve look everywhere and still nothing but if you would please lead me to the right direction I would really appreciate it thank you….i play games for like 11 hours a day on. weekends I stay up playing games like there no tomorrow ..i would really appreciate it if you can help me.

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