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Ex Pro Tester Reveals The Secrets For Getting A Job As A Video Game Tester

Become a Video Game Tester – In 10 Steps

become a video game testerIf you want to become a video game tester, then there are certain steps you need to take in order to give yourself the very best possible chance of landing the best gig in town!

There are many individuals both young and old who strive to become a video game tester each day. While video game testing positions are available to the public, they are not always easy to find.

I’ve written a series of steps you can take that will help you in preparing for a job as a game tester:

1. Sharpen Your Gaming Skills

Having a better understand of the various types of video games and systems will allow you a better chance of getting the job of your dreams. Although great skills are not required, there are far more people trying to get these jobs at the beginner level than at the advanced one, and if you have good skills on different gaming platforms you may blow some of the competition away.

2. Get to Know People

People within the video game industry have access to information way before it becomes public knowledge. Do your best to get to know some of the people in the industry, even if it is just a secretary at a gaming company. This will allow you first-hand knowledge when a video game testing position becomes available.

If possible try and contact a current video game tester and start to build up some sort of professional relationship. You’ll be amazed at what doors will open if you have insider knowledge!

3. Develop a Resume

Although it is not necessary to have experience or schooling in order to become a video game tester, a resume allows you to look more professional when you apply for available positions.

Make sure it’s up to date and relevant to the gaming industry. List your skills as a gamer as well as your academic achievements.

4. Purchase a Guide

Guides are available for those who wish to be employed by video game companies as testers. These guides are generally created by others who have found their dream jobs, and are trying to help others find theirs as well.

They usually do not cost very much, and can provide invaluable tips on how to locate and land a good paying testing job.

5. Join a Website

Many different memberships sites are dedicated to helping people realize their dreams to become a video game tester. These sites will provide you with information on job openings throughout the industry for a low monthly fee. They also provide help and advice through their forums as well.

I personally believe this is the absolute best way to land a job as a game tester. I have reviewed most of the sites already and can recommend

As well as providing current job opportunities, they also offer a lifetime membership for just one low payment.

6. Attend Job Fairs

If you live near a local video game developer or manufacturer, it might be a good idea to head to the local job fairs. Often, these companies will set up booths in order to recruit testers who live near them and fit the demographics they are looking for.

Again the website I recommend above will have details of these type of job fairs in your area.

7. Strength in Numbers

There is most certainly strength in numbers. If you want to become a video game tester, than it is best to apply to as many different positions and places as possible. This will allow you a greater overall chance of being hired.

8. Promote Yourself

Instead of waiting for an open testing position to present itself, you can take matters into your own hands and begin to promote yourself. This is a wonderful way to get your name out there and let companies know that you are serious about working for them.

Don’t be too pushy, but don’t take no for an answer either!

9. Take What You Can Get

If you want to become a video game tester, then you can’t scoff at certain jobs. If a company offers you a job testing a video game of any kind you should take it, even if it is not the type of game you enjoy. This will at least get your foot in the door.

10. Dont Give Up

The search for a video game testing position can be a long and tedious one. It can be easy to become discouraged when you do not land a job after several months of searching. If you keep at it though and don’t give up, you will one day land that dream job!

Those who want to become a video game tester sometimes have a very long road in front of them. Although there are testing jobs available, they are often difficult to locate. If you follow the top ten tips above however, you may find yourself testing video games much sooner than you thought.

I’m rooting for ya!

~ Pete Wotton

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7 Responses to “Become a Video Game Tester – In 10 Steps”

  1. Delrick says:

    Hey thanks for taking the time to put this information out, it has confirmed some of the things I have found and it has taught me some new ones. I am 41 years old and I have been playing video games since atari and intelivision, and almost everyone that has been released since then. I currently play COH/COV and can’t seem to stop playing lol. But I do want to get more involved and wish I could test games, I see flaws in games with in the 1st 30 min of playing, as all games have flaws. I’m running my mouth to much just wanted to say ty and keep up the information line.

  2. Sean Delagrange says:

    I would love to be avideo game tester. Everyone says that I should get into tournaments because I am so good. If there is any way you could help then that would be cool.

  3. bob jones says:

    i am a girl but like to play games. My parents don’t like it but the salery is good so hopefully i’ll be able to make this job…

  4. Sean Farley says:

    I have loved video games since I could remember. I am 22 years old and currently unemployed from losing my job as a Correctional Officer at a County Jail. I have chosen Law Enforcement instead of game development. Thinking should of stuck with my first instinct. One probably is that I live in Mt. Vernon, IL, the southern part where there is nothing down here for gaming. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. Thanks

  5. Prateek says:

    Hi pete,

    i’m 21 and i’ve already been working for a game testing firm for the past 46 months..i’ve worked on consoles like Nintendo DS, Wii, DSi, Sony PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and also PC games.. I’ve given everythin i can for this company and helped it achieve good heights.. However i feel that i need to join a bigger company because it’s always been my dream to aim for the top ones.. However despite being in this field for quite some time, i haven’t been able to find out much about the top giants in this field and how do i go about them.. Since you’re a lot experienced, i request you to please share some names of the companies that i should go for?

    PS : does Sony hire testers too?

  6. Trevor Hostick says:

    GREAT INFO.My name’s Trevor & im 22 years old, and ive been playing games since WAY BACK!! lol. Im not really from the Atari Generation, but i do remember frogger and pong, in fact, i just saw an atari at a local pawn shop so i picked it up.
    ((you have to respect and learn from the classics to be able to enjoy the progress of modern day video game TECH….at least i do. lol))
    Ive alwayz been beyond the MODERN video gamer. Every time i play a video game (DOESN’T MATTER WHICH ONE), with any of my friends, they always get mad because I COMPLETELY ANIHILATE THE COMPETITION!! LOL……i dont mean to show them up, it just turns out that way. And, EVERY SINGLE TIME, somebody needs help with a video game i ALWAYS beat the part their stuck on. lol….SO I FIGURE SINCE I KNOW WHAT IM DOING ON VIDEO GAMES, AND ITS ONE OF MY BIGGEST PASSIONS, WHY NOT MAKE IT A PROFESSION??…..IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO ON AN OPEN DOOR FOR “GAME TESTING” FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT: ….



  7. Brandon Marshall says:

    These tips are great,Im 17 and have been playing games for arounf 13 years,just recently beat Modern warefare 2 on vetran with very few deaths.

    Was wondering if I can be a game tester without paying a membership?

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